For Participants

During the working sessions the Congress will address the most pressing issues in the field of environmental protection. More specifically, the topics will touch upon issues of environmental management and improvement of the environment, monitoring and control of environmental safety, the role of ecology in the economy. Some topics will also address different experiences of the regions.

Among the most relevant topics are issues of environmental safety in the field of waste management, changes in the indices and green construction standards, biodiversity reserves, ecotourism, environmental aspects of sustainable forest management and many others.

The Congress also plans to discuss a wide range of issues related to public policy and national security of raw materials, the current state of public administration in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection.

One of the most important topics will be the organization of environmental monitoring at various levels. The separate discussion will take place to reexamine the effectiveness of existing legislation and law enforcement in the field of public environmental supervision and environmental protection.

In addition, the following important topics will be discussed during the Congress:

Particular attention will be given to topics discussing ecological culture in the society and the government support of ideological, cultural, educational and legislative initiatives.

Environmental education and awareness, as well as training and certification of personnel will be considered as necessary conditions for conservation and sustainable development of biological resources in nature.

Very important place in the discussions will be given to the issues of international cooperation in the conservation of biological and landscape diversity, promotion of the national natural heritage and the prospects for the development of ecotourism in Russia, as well as to the development of a common environmental policy on a global scale.

In addition, during the Congress there will be presentations discussing the environmental ratings and indexes as key elements of sustainable development in the cities and enterprises.

There will also be a special program called Zero Negative Impact on the Environment, as well as anti-rating of landfills.

One of the most important events of the Congress will be the presentation session of innovative ideas, projects and technologies in the field of ecology and environmental protection. It will be held at the eco — exhibition displayed during the Congress.

Eco-exhibition will cover an area of ??over 4000 m ². More than 150 exhibitors will be displayed. The main objectives of the exhibition are the exchange of inter-regional and international experience, the establishment of contacts between innovative companies and potential customers, promotion of new developments, and communication between exhibitors, social associations and volunteer movements.

During the three days, from 2nd to 4th December, 2013, delegates will attend more than 20 round tables, discussions and presentations , as well as two key conferences: The Current State of the Environment Protection: What has Changed in 10 years and Environmental Aspects of Regional Policy.

During the Congress there will be an official announcement of the launch of the National action Alley of Russia, which will result in planting the alley of 83 plants, chosen by vote as symbols of each of the 83 subjects of the Russian Federation.

As a part of the Congress there will be Harmony with Nature Award of V.M. Peskov  given out for the best article on the environment.

On December 2nd the reception will be held on behalf of the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment S.E. Donskoi at the Crocus City Hall.

On December 4th the first youth environmental forum will be held at Crocus Expo where the possibility of creating a new youth environmental movement will be discussed. The initial team for this movement can be formed from the forum delegates from Russia and foreign countries.

On December 4th during the final meeting of the Congress delegates will vote and accept the Resolution, which will determine the environmental policy of Russia in the long term.

IV All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection will become the final major event of the year. The work done during the Congress and its final resolution will not only give a new direction to the implementation of the environmental policy in Russia, but also determine the country’s development strategy in the field of environmental law for many decades to come.